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The planning and the people behind The Apothecary Room

The Apothecary Room - Christin Hawkins
Christine Hawkins - Founder

“I became interested in natural beauty products after becoming increasingly conscious of what I was putting in my body from the food I was eating. Where did it come from? How was it produced? What was in it? Then I started thinking about the products I was putting on my skin. I discovered the huge, untapped benefits of herbs and essential oils – both in terms of mental well-being and skincare. But I couldn’t find the natural products I was looking for so I decided to train in aromatherapy. As I developed products for my family and friends, I found that conditions from eczema to psoriasis could be treated with natural products containing essential oils - with great results and no nasty side effects.  I have also developed products specifically for people whose skin is suffering the effects of chemotherapy. And I firmly believe that the mood-enhancing properties of essential oils help us to deal with the stresses of modern day living. 

I founded The Apothecary Room in 2010 with my late husband, Jerry. Later, I was joined by my friend, Clare Butterfield - a marketing professional, and then I gave up my job as a CEO of a software company to concentrate wholly on The Apothecary Room. We believe there is a better way of doing business that is profitable and caring and we aim to give back through profit contributions to women’s charities.  We control the process from production to delivery and aim to employ people within our rural community.”

Christine Hawkins
Founder of The Apothecary Room.

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