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07 Aug 2013

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July 18th 2013  Indulging your English Rose Complexion

The Apothecary Room Rose Cleansing Oil and Rose Skin Tonic review

Ella Georgia is an independent, sustainable jewellery and fashion boutique. In June 2013 Ella Georgia started its adventure with natural skin care range, The Apothecary Room, founded by Christine Hawkins. After doing lots of research onto the properties of different plants, taking an Aromatherapy course and obtaining a Diploma in Holistic Skin Products, she launched The Apothecary Room in 2010.

The products in The Apothecary Room range are hand blended, containing natural essential oils and are free of paragons and preservatives. And since the essential oils are sourced where practical from sustainable and organic sources and the bottles used are made of recyclable PET plastic, the blends help take care of skin, the aromas benefit health and improve mood, and ethical credentials of the line are safe.

I put the information provided by The Apothecary Room to the test when I was given an opportunity to review the Rose Cleansing Oil and Rose Skin Tonic. Both smelling delicately of Rose Essential Oil, the products put me in a dreamy state associated with gardens and lounging outside on a sunny day.

The Rose Cleansing Oil is a thick mixture of Macadamia Oil, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E Oil, Castor Oil, Rose Essential Oil, Bergamot Essential Oil, and is meant to clear make up as well as impurities off your face. The film left by the oil was easily removed by the Rose Skin Tonic, made with Rose Water, Geranium Water, Rose Essential Oil and advertised as working especially well on dry skin.

The products did everything they promised. After using the Cleansing Oil/Skin Tonic combo my skin felt clean and nourished, and I did not feel any oil build up you may expect from a rich product such as this. My face felt smooth and my complexion radiant, which, combined with just a hint of rose scent that disappeared before I went to sleep, makes me give high notes to this small, all natural brand.


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