Cinnamon Essential Oil

14 Nov 2015

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Cinnamon Essential Oil

The scent of this essential oil is inextricably linked with the Christmas season so I thought we’d feature it in our run up to that festive time. Madagascan Cinnamon is considered to be the best and is extracted from the bark and/or leaves of the tree by steam distillation. The oil from the bark is extremely strong and should never be put directly on the skin as it will cause extreme irritation. The essential oil from the leaves is still very strong but not quite such an irritant.

Having said all that, cinnamon is a very useful oil, particularly at this time of year, as its warming properties can relieve aches and pains brought on by colds and flu. It can also build a resistance to seasonal infections. Don’t take it internally though, it should be a very small part of a larger blend of carrier oils and essential oils, and then it can be used as a massage oil, which also helps poor circulation.

Of course the spice can be added to food and the spicy cinnamon teas available now are lovely and warming on a wet, cold November day! Try our Cinnamon and Orange Candle or Room Spray to get into the festive spirit and warm up your senses.

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