April's featured product - Citrus and Juniper Bathing Salts

07 Apr 2014

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April's featured product - Citrus and Juniper Bathing SaltsAdd these bathing salts to a hot bath for a wonderfully relaxing and de-toxifying experience. These fabulous Citrus and Juniper Bathing Salts are so refreshing and uplifting we’re making them our product of the month for April. They also make a great Easter present if you’re looking for an alternative to chocolate!

The fennel essential oil smells amazing and has the added benefit of helping with the elimination of cellulite. It is enhanced by juniper essential oil which cleanses the mind and body of anxieties and any build up of toxins. The combination of grapefruit and lemon essential oils has a wonderfully uplifting effect and provides a refreshing tonic, as well as stimulating the body's systems. Dead Sea salt, green clay and Epsom salts soften the water and cleanse the skin.

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